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Saipan Bike Pro Rental

Schwinn Super Sport Hybrid

Schwinn Super Sport Hybrid

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Schwinn Super Sport Step Thru Hybrid bike rental.

21 speed shifters

Step- Thru frame 

Lightweight alloy frame

Mechanical brakes



Rental Agreement

Biker's Responsibility

It shall be the responsibility of the Biker-Borrower to comply with the following:

⦁ It shall be the responsibility of the Biker to not ride on any lake or leave unsheltered on precipitous environments.
⦁ Biker shall comply with the proper traffic laws at all times.
⦁ Biker is not allowed to replace or substitute any parts or portion of the bicycle.
⦁ Biker is not required nor recommended to clean the bicycle prior to returning the said bicycle.
⦁ Biker is required to maintain proper responsibility in the use of the bicycle. Biker shall assume for any andall liabilities, damage, loss to property, or injury related to the rent and use of the bicycle and any “Rental Add-Ons accessories”.
⦁ Biker is not allowed to sublease the bicycle rented with us.

Assumption of Risk

I accept full responsibility for the bike equipment rented (“the Equipment”) and authorize The Pro’s, LLC / Saipan Bike Pro to charge my credit card for any damage to the Equipment and replace the Equipment at full retail value if not returned by the agreed date.

I hereby declare that I understand and accept that risk that renting a bicycle or riding a bike has a high risk of exposure to many hazards and accidents which may lead to damage to property, physical injury, or death. I further declare that I am in good physical health and capable in participating in a physical activity of riding a bicycle.

I hereby assume all risk of physical injury or loss of life that may cause me or loss or physical damage to the properties that may be involved arising from an accident out of the bicycle I rent. I fully understand the inherent risk involved and I accept full responsibility for any and all damage or injury for which it may result into.

I hereby declare that I am familiar with the proper use of the Equipment, including all quick release mechanisms, brakes and gear shifters. I am aware that there are technicians available to answer any questions that I may have as to the proper use of the Equipment.


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Medium (29")
Large (29")

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